Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Billboards, Gone.....Bliss!

Now thats a real billboard. Lyttleton Heads Nov 11
Despite the world Cup shorterning the election it seems like this election has been going for months. Not sure about you but I have a bit of fatigue when it comes to media coverage and billboards. The billboards, the bloody billboards! 

Everywhere you looked a politician was squinting back at you trying to look like a leader, airbrushed, guts sucked in all buffed and cropped.  Suddenly today they are all gone! Now that is bliss. 

So as we enjoy the rest of our weekend and lament the Barbarians losing to Australia, that its back to work tomorrow and we are in for a few more years of Winston Peters peeing on powerpoles,  we also realize that better billboards are all around us. Its a case of noticing them, seeing the wood for the trees!

Southern Gold.

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