Friday, June 3, 2011

A Southern Man Viewing Life in India May 2011

Sheer heat. Shade from 45 degree daily heat. Calcutta, India
The mix of old & new. Calcutta, India
The Calcutta Times, Calcutta, India
A close shave. Calcutta, India
Snoozing. 45 degrees, downtown Calcutta, India
Family wagon, Calcutta, India
In chaos. Traffic Police. Calcutta, India
A defining moment. Coming to terms with the reality of a curried omelette for breakfast. India.
A quick dip. Bathing in Calcutta, India
A moment of peace before the long trip home. New Delhi, India.
The very formal: New Delhi India.
Top spot to stay. The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, India.
A good yack on the phone! New Delhi, India.
Street venders: New Delhi, India, May 11
The faces of India. Downtown street market: New Delhi, India May 11
Calcutta: Street water fountain. Love the heavenly abode entry!
Looking from Parliament towards India Gate. New Delhi, India
A thriving street shop business. Ironing. Calcutta, India.
Off the beaten track, Side alley. Calcutta, India.
The awesome small taxi. Top speed 100km, max passengers 13, New Delhi, India
Presidential Palace, New Delhi, India


  1. Your photography is quite impressive. Perhaps you should start selling it to travel magazines.

    Stop by my blog and pimp your blog in honor of my one year anniversary in the blogosphere.

    The Ranter’s Box

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